Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Introducing the Siliskin-Glass, a clean alternative to plastic drink-ware!

From two moms whose children are growing and inspiring new ideas,
comes a new option for the entire family! The Siliskin-Glass is a clean
alternative to plastic drink-ware. BPA-free, and made from 100% food
grade silicone, the Siliskin—GLASS helps prevent slipping and adds
extra protection to the glass inside. Glass is the cleanest option for
drinking and it lasts because it’s reusable, and recylable. The Siliskin is
hypo- allergenic, has no open pores to harbor bacteria, is dishwasher
safe, and can be boiled to sterilize. Two simple ideas have come
together to make the perfect drinkware better for your family and the
environment. Siliskin with 6oz glass available in Aqua and lime.
> bpa free
> 100% food-Grade siliskin™
> dishwasher safe
> helps prevent slipping
*Our Siliskin 6oz Drinking Glass for kids is coming next month. Wanted to let everyone know we're taking pre-orders and couldn't be more excited to introduce the first glass cup designed for kids learning to drink from a "big kid" cup.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BPA ban in plastics moves forward in California legislature

For the second year in a row, the California Senate voted to ban bisphenol A in baby bottles, toddler cups and food containers.

Tests in animals have linked the chemical, a primary ingredient in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics, to diabetes, brain damage, developmental abnormalities, precancerous changes in the prostate and breast, and a variety of other health problems.

British researchers last year reported an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, liver problems and diabetes among people with the highest concentrations in their urine.

The chemical industry and some beverage and container manufacturers have pushed hard against such bans, citing several studies funded by the chemical industry that showed no adverse effects in animal tests. But studies have been accumulating that suggest otherwise. Major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and CVS have announced plans to shift away from products containing BPA.

The Food and Drug Administration has deemed BPA safe, but an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed that the agency relied on chemical-industry lobbyists in its decision-making, and that a trade group wrote an entire section of the agency's report on the chemical.

Last month, Chicago became the first city to ban BPA. Minnesota passed a ban a week earlier. Canada last year became the first country to ban BPA in baby bottles.

A similar ban passed the California Senate last year but died in the Assembly. Advocates of the ban also expect a tough battle this time.

-- Geoffrey Mohan

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Silipads Review

Call me a worry wort, but when my son first started to crawl I became increasingly concerned for bruising knees. My New York City apartment is covered in bamboo floors, which can be tough on his little knees. So, when I read about Silipads by Silikids I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! They are little cotton kneepads with silicone padding in the center to provide protection from hard and rough surfaces. You can purchase these for about $18.00.
My son has a slim physique so the kneepads continued to fall off as he started cruising for the day. I had to keep pulling them back onto the knee area. Maybe a child with bigger sausage type legs could hold these protectors better in place. I think as he thickens up a bit, the silipads will be snuggled on more securely.
I can really appreciate Silikids line of products. They carry other silicone products such as silibibs, silibottles, and skins. Mothers concerned for toxic materials in children’s products designed this company. That is why all their products are made of silicone, which is non-toxic, green, hypoallergenic, and BPA-free! The one thing I would change about the Silipads is to carry a variety of sizes.

Feisty, Frugal, & Fabulous Silikids review & giveaway!

Silikids is a company that makes silicone products...for kids (wow, bet that was easy to figure out from the name huh?) With all the scary reports out there about BPA leeching off of plastics, two friends and mothers decided there had to be a better way to make children's products. Years and years ago, glass bottles were the norm. I shyed away from glass with both my kids because I was so scared of breaking one in the middle of the night! Had I known about the products from Silikids, I might have considered glass bottles. Among the products available from Silikids are Silibottles, which are glass bottles with a colored silicone sleeve slipped on it. Brilliant! Not only does this sleeve make it easier to grip the glass bottle (for both weary mothers and eager babies), but it can also help prevent breakage should the bottle slip. Also, the silicone helps to keep heat in and not transfer it to your hands.
If you are already all set up with glass bottles, you can buy the sleeves on their own - Siliskins as they are called, are available in wide sizes as well.
Silikids also makes silicone bibs. Tired of washing your stained bibs all the time? What if you could wipe clean your child's bib and even put it in the dishwasher?! Yup...you can do that with Silibibs.

1 reader is going to win 1 Silibottle in Aqua and 1 Silibib in Lime! This is a great way to start your silicone/glass-bottle stock, or give a friend an awesome baby gift... visit http://www.feistyfrugalandfabulous.com/2009/06/silikids.html for more giveaway information.