Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is this your kitchen sink?

In a world of excessive plastic use, don't let your sink look like this. It might be easy to replace and recycle all those plastic containers and cups every 3 months, but what does that mean for the environment? While it's good to recycle, the plastics we recycle do not turn into the same kind plastics that we threw into the bin. Instead they become a lower-quality plastic (look for the number in the recycling symbol) that have limited applications. So, we say...cut back on the plastic use! Use glass cups and containers. Glass is best when it comes to feeding. It's clean, doesn't fade or scratch like plastic so mold can't grow. It can be recycled infinitely without any loss of purity or quality. Another great reason to use glass is that it is made from naturally-occurring materials like sand and has a low rate of chemical interaction with the contents in the container. Unlike many plastics that have been leaching a toxic chemical called BPA into our foods and liquids. In the end what's important? Using a clean staple like glass for feeding/drinking will help reduce excess waste.

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